This crimper was developed for the purposes of the railroad, but it also can

be used for hexagonal crimped connections of all types of wires up to 240mm² in diameter. A crimper with this construction of the head can develop a force of 30 t. The crimper consists of a high pressure pump, a high pressure tube, (which joins the body of the crimper with the crimping unit, the hydraulic head for crimping and the tools. The crimper tools that are placed in the hydraulic head for crimping are two-part and work in the following variations:

  • Pressing tool for fastening clamps for extending contact wires
  • Tool for disconnecting clamps for extending contact wiresHYDRAULIC CRIMPER - FF-400
  • Tool for crimping clamps for joining contact wire and support cable
  • Tool for disconnecting contact wire from clamp and support cable
  • Tool for hexagonal crimping of connector sleeves for extending support cables
  • Tool for cutting contact wire and support cable


  • Dimensions: 820 x 200 x 140mm
  • Length of high pressure tubing: 2m
  • Weight of set: 16.5 kg
  • Code number: 18844000
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