About us

Feman is the largest producer of cable splicing equipment, electrical material, tools and gear for cables in the Balkans.


The founder, owner and director is engineer Miodrag Nikolić, whose leadership abilities, work and investment have contributed to Feman’s development into a mid-sized firm, with over 300 employees and a wide assortment of over 1,650 high quality products. On a total area of 10,000 m2 these products are made in up-to-date equipped departments: research and development of products, foundry, smithy, locksmith, press, plastic extrusion, lathe and milling processing, paint shop, galvanization, tool shop and installation.

Our business motto “Quality above all”, is proven by the large number of prizes and awards, both at domestic and international fairs.

Taking on new products, their development and permanent improvement is led by a group of verified experts with a variety of profiles. All products are made in accord with JUS, IEC, VDE and NFC standards, and the firm has had the standard of ISO 9001 ever since 1996.

All of our products pass through the required testing and approval, and a certain number, from every series, is tested in our internal laboratory, to ascertain that the final user always receives a high quality and safe product that is quickly and easily installed.


Thanks to this high quality, that has become a synonym for Feman products, our sales network has spread to all 5 continents, so that our equipment has found buyers in far-off Australia.

Try us and you will believe in the truth of our motto.

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