Connection fitting are installation materials which are used for connection mobile and transportable users of electrical energy. Construction of the connection fittings allow for the connecting and disconnecting of permanently laid and mobile lines, as well as the switching on and off electricity, without the help of any tools or assistance.

Connections are designated by:

  • Electricity, by amperes (A)
  • Intensity, by voltage (V)
  • Designation for type of electricity (direct and altering current)
  • Frequency, by (HZ)
  • Designated type
  • Manufacturers label
  • Level of mechanical protection IP44 and IP67
  • Position of protected contact designated

All electrical parts under voltage are totally protected and accessible if the fittings are mounted and used correctly. It is impossible to make a joint between the contactof the plug and the contact of the socket whilst any of the plug contacts are accessible. When unplugging the plug out of the socket the sequence is reversed.


Shown on the picture is the use of the connection fitting:

  • Network joints allow for connection of a flexible cable with permanently layed lines. It consists of two parts:
  • Socket (1) the part meat for connecting with the permanently layed line.
  • Plug (2) represents the part which is used for connecting up to a flexible cable which is connected to a power consumer.
  • Line joint – enables joining of two flexible cables. It consists of two parts:
  • Plug (3) the part used for connecting onto a flexible cable which is connected to the electric network
  • Plug (2)
  • Electrical apparatus joint.
  • enables connecting of flexible cable with an electrical apparatus. It consists of two parts:
  • Plug (3)
  • Socket for electrical apparatus (4), which represents the part used for mounting onto the electrical apparatus.


International committee CEE has issued a publication as a suggestion for production of jointing fittings for industrial use. International electrical committee has introduced publication 17 worldwide by issuing publication 309 and 309a. According to the publication JUS N.E3 605 bas been created and is valid for connection fittings for industrial use.


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