Modular - measuring and distribution boxes

Multipurpose modular universal boxes are made for montage on the pole, in the wall, on the wall, freestanding with ground base, and freestanding with underground base. It is made from pressed non-burning polyester, reinforced with glass fibers. It is resistant to strokes, bending and has high dialectical strength. Boxes are also resistant to weather conditions, as well as UV-rays. They have no harmful effect to the surroundings and can be completely recycled. They provide good mechanical and electrical protection and they fall under highly insulated boxes. By adding gasket rubber on doors, windows and other holes high degree of sealing IP 54 is achieved.

Current clamp FRS

It is intended for circuits in measuring and distribution enclosures. Bearing is made of high quality imported plastic mass, self-extinguishing V-0 and heat resistance to 110°C without deformation. Contacts are made of brass profile which makes possible simultaneous connection of aluminum and copper.

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Modular measuring and distribution boxes
spojni-elementi1Modular measuring and distribution boxes
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spojni-elementi1Installation and connection accessories
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Insulatedd waterproof clamp for switching from non-insulated conductors to lv abc-nf 2,5-150
It is used for connecting branching line of LV ABC to non-insulated Aluminium conductor. The clamp's body is made of Polyamid with fiber glass and it is resistant to all atmospheric and mechnaical conditions. Contact bridges are made of Aluminium alloy. Contact with branching conductors is made with the help of spikes for piercing the insulation, and the contact with the non-insulated conductors is made with the help plate to ensure high conductivity.

EURO KRISTAL street light

  • Protection degree of optical parts IP 66
  • Protection degree of pre-connection device part IP 65
  • Lens is of mechanically strengthened forged glass, blow resistant & the possibility of the lens falling or changing color after a couple of years is excluded.
  • Housing of pressure cast aluminum makes this lamp strong and light
  • Exceptional & adjustable photometric features
  • Mechanical reliability
  • The possibility of unpleasant blinding of auto drivers driving on streets lighted by Euro kristal lamps is excluded.
  • Aero-dynamic shape of Eurokristal lamps absorbs the force of the wind

Self-adjustable clamp ring with belt
Self-adjustable clamp ring with belt is made of high quality Poliamid, self-extinguishable V0, resistant to heating 110C without deformation. It is produced in grey colour RAL 7035. It is intended for tightening all types of electro , plumbing pipes, heating and gas pipes, for direct tightening of cables on the walls, ceiling, poles, electrical cabinats. Advantages: Simple and fast mounting on all types of installation with greatest possible saving of work hours. Self-adjustable clamp ring with belt is intended for the places where good mechanical connection is needed, where there is higher temperature and they are suitable for outside use due to their resistance to UV rays.
General distributor for Russian market
General distributor for Russian market
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