Used as a reducer for connecting clamp FIDOS 50-150/50-150 for a residential connector with a possibility of connecting 1, 2 and 4 households using one FIDOS clamp. These adapters are completely insulated and waterproof, providing safety while working under voltage as well as a safe and long-lasting connection. Sealed joint with a rubber insert surely prevents an occurence of electrolytic corrosion and it enables connection of Al or Cu conductors for house connectors. Tightening force is automatically regulated by moment nut which breaks when the proper force is reached. For tightening, as well as for adapter disassembling, we recommend the use of wrench OK-13. When installing under power, always use protective gloves. Note: For adapter assembling it is required to use insulated connecting clamp FIDOS with 8 Cu pikes.  ADAPTER FOR INSULATED WATERPROOF CONNECTING CLAMP FIDOS 50-150/50-150
 Code number  Designation mm²/Screw M  A mm  B mm C mm Package pcs Weight g/100pcs
 3802571  F1     1 x 6-35  80  23  71  50  4,2
 3802572  F2    2 x 6-35  93  43  78  50  9,4
 3802574  F4    4 x 6-35  140  43  78  25  16,7


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