Used for connecting branch power line for household connections, public lighting,

waterproof is provided by special rubber, resistant to UV-lights and all other atmospheric influences. Sealed joint safely prevents an occurrence of electrolyte corrosion, and at the same time it enables connection of Al and Cu power lines to house connections. Clamping is done by moment nut. Position 1 indicates the breaking point of the moment nut (clamp force is automatically regulated by a nut which breaks when the proper force is reached – 10Nm). For clamp tightening, as well as for clamp disassembling, we recommend OK-13 wrench. This particular clamp is used for the main line (16 to 95mm2) and the branch power line (1.5 to 16mm2). When installing under voltage always use protective gloves.

  • Packing: 100 pcs
  • Weight: 4.8 kg/100 pcs
  • Code: 3801596
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