Aluminum and copper termination clamp


Used as extension and termination clamps for all joints where great mechanical strength is needed in compliance with JUS N.F4.106. Made in three sizes for lines of diameters 25-35, 50-70 and 95-120. For Al and Al- steel they are made of forged aluminum alloy. For Cu lines, they are made of 99,9% forged copper. These clamps consist of two separate parts; upper and a lower. By putting the two parts together, channels are created A which bite into the lines of the appropritate diameter and secure them. The channels are made with cross grooves to prevent slipping of the line under normal loads. Joining the parts of the clamp is done with two bolts which are well protected from corrosion. It is secured with a counter screw-nut.FEMAN’s termination clamp should satisfy normally allowed strain on the line. If increased mechanical strain is expected, use two or more clamps for the connection. FEMAN clamps are manufactured with materials and technology that guarnatees that they will not crack or break.


Aluminum and copper termination clamp Aluminum and copper termination clamp

Aluminum and copper termination clamp


Code number Designation mm²/Bolt M A mm B mm C mm Package pcs Weight g/100pcs
2802535 FZS-Al 25-35 35 48 40,5 75 10,8
2805070 FZS-Al 50-70 61 59 52 40 22,4
2809512 FZS-Al 95-120 78 70 60 15 45,5
2812535 FZS-Cu 25-35 48 47 40,5 50 30,8
2815070 FZS-Cu 50-70 60 60 52 25 63,3
2819512 FZS-Cu 95-120 78 70 60 15 136,1


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