Copper UNIMAX universal tap-off clamp


This clamp is made by special request for Electro-Industry of Serbia. It represents a unique and  completely new product on the European market. This clamp is made from a special alloy which enables the simultaneous connection of aluminum and copper aerial wires, without the appearance of electrolytic and electrochemical corrosion; in accordance with JUS N.F4.106. Test results confirm that this clamp is far superior to the previously used Al-Cu combined tap-off clamp.The SUPER-UNIMAX clamp equally meets the mechanical and electrical connection requirements. It comes in five sizes and is forged giving it cross grooves for oxide destruction while having a larger contact surface and a stronger mechanical connection. The clamp has a bridge allowing for even pressure and better conductivity. Assembly is done with a single wrench

Copper UNIMAX universal tap-off clamp Copper UNIMAX universal tap-off clamp

Copper UNIMAX universal tap-off clamp

Code number Designation mm²/Bolt M A mm B mm C mm Bolt Package pcs Weight g/100pcs
2500425 UNIMAX 4-25 40 26 37 2xM6 50 12,20
2500635 UNIMAX 6-35 40 30 39 2xM6 50 13,40
2500650 UNIMAX 6-50 47 34 48 2xM8 25 23,20
2501095 UNIMAX 10-95 52,5 40 55 2xM8 25 34,60


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