It is intended for circuits in measuring and distribution enclosures. Bearing is made of high quality imported plastic mass , self-extinguishing V- 0 and heat resistance to 110°C without CURRENT CLAMP FRS-D TWO-POLE 16-35/2x(4-16)deformation. Contacts are made of brass profiles which make possible simultaneous connection of aluminum and copper. Clamp housing is constructed to enable it to be placed in sequence on all existing rails and can be connected sequentially.
Maximum cross section of main conductors is 35mm2 and maximum cross section of two times of two branching conductors is 16mm2.


Code number Type Clamping capability of the main conductor Clamping capability of the branching conductor Packing pcs Mass kg/100pcs
5000179 FRS 16-35/4x(4-16) 16-25-35mm2 4x(4-6-10-16) mm2 30 15


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