These boxes are mainly used for two measuring devices. In order to install more measuring devices, they can be installed beside the first one or one above each other.

MRO2 600x665x235  MRO2 600x665x235MRO2 600x665x235


This multipurpose modular universal box is made for montage on the pole, in the wall, on the wall, freestanding with ground base and freestanding with underground base.

It is made from pressed non- burning polyester, reinforced with glass fibers. It is resistant to strokes, bending and has high dialectical strength. Boxes are also resistant to weather conditions, as well as UV-rays. They have no harmful effect to the surroundings and can be completely recycled. They provide good mechanical and electrical protection and they fall under highly insulated boxes. By adding gasket rubber on doors, windows and other holes high degree of sealing IP 54 is achieved. For it’s good technical characteristics they can be used in wet rooms, ambiences with high presence of acid, dust or salt, power plants, rooms with high and low temperatures, industrial facilities etc. Usage is very simple and without additional maintenance. Usage and montage are very simplified. They count as highly sealed boxes.

In accordance with Europeans standards and norms we have developed wide range of additional equipment for boxes. At customer request we deliver boxes complete equipped according to technical instruction submitted by the customer.

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