Fan-coil equipment has the lamella surface condition for exchanging heat, on which with the help of fans the air flows in the room. Compared to the standard radiators, multiple increases the heat transmission thanks to the reinforced pipes shaped like common small ribs for heat exchange. Thanks to the large surface for heat exchange and to the fans that help the air flow, the unit is suitable for cooling rooms as well if the cold water is circulating through the system.

Fancoiler ceiling

 Ceiling fan coiler :  Ceiling fan coiler :
 FPFC 684P  FPFC 854P
 Air flow 680m3/h  Air flow 850m3/h
 Cooling capacity 3680W  Cooling capacity 4980W
 Heating capacity 5480W  Heating capacity 7200W
 Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz  Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
 Cover weight 2,5Kg  Cover weight 4,5Kg
 Weight of internal unit   20Kg  Weight of internal unit   23Kg
 Dimension: 590x590x270  Dimension:752x752x293
 Code: 4200825  Code: 4200830

Fancoiler wall

 Wall fan coiler:  Wall fan coiler:
 FZFC 400  FZFC 600
 Air flow 680 m³/h  Air flow 1020 m³/h
 Cooling capacity 3600 W  Cooling capacity 5400 W
 Heating capacity 5400 W Heating capacity 8100 W
 Voltage: 220V/50Hz  Voltage: 220V/50Hz
 Max working pressure
1.6 Mps
 Max working pressure
1.6 Mps
 Weight 15 kg  Weight 18 kg
 Dimension: 896x296x170  Dimension: 1080x330x215
 Code: 4200815  Code: 4200820
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