Pipe-like solar collectors compared to the flat square solar collectors have a coefficient of utilization of 75%.



Solar heating is a process of heating water through converted sun energy. The energy from the sun turns into heat energy with the help of sun receptors called solar collectors.

It is commonly known that the solar collector annually saves for 1m2- 589kWh energy. In the summer period it satisfies the needs for hot water 95-100% in the transition period 55-75% and in winter time 15-25%.

Solar collectors do not need any maintenance and they do not have any break-downs. The collector carriers are made of anodized aluminum. Vacuum pipes are made of tampered glass that give toughness and durability and the center of the pipe has a copper pipe.



Type FSK30
Dimension (length, width, height) 2006x2456x182 mm
Weight 102 KG
No. of vacuum pipes 30 pcs, 1800 mm, ø58mm
Insulation thickness 50 mm
Glass thickness of vacuum pipes 1,8 mm
Material of vacuum pipes Borosilicate glass
Absorption area Al-N-SS/Cu
Max. operative temperature 190 °C
Max. pressure (kPa) 600
Code 4201000


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