Heat pump Air-Water takes energy from air and transmits it to water. Optimizing the parameters of the heat pump you achieve the maximum coefficient of economic effect throughout the year. The air is brought into the heat exchanger in which one part of the underground water in transmitted into the ecological Freon which evaporates. The Freon that is now in gas condition is pressed via compressor and releases latent transferred heat to the water that circulates through the condensers and heat systems in buildings.

Using the heat pump air-water you will save up to 75% of energy for heating homes, offices, greenhouses etc.

Also another advantage of this product is that you can cool the room during summer time. The heating system has the most utilization during the transition period. These systems can be used on the existing central heating systems such as wood, coal or gas.

To increase the capacity, connect more pumps in one system.

Heat pumps air-water Heat pumps air-water





Type FTPVZ21 FTPVZ36 Characteristics:
Code 4200322 4200336 Dimension 1115x430x1260 mm 1450x750x1060 mm
Power consumption 5,26 KWh 9,8 KW Noise 60,0 db 60,0 db
Heating Capacity 21 KW 36KW Compressor Coperland – USA Coperland – USA
Saved energy 15,74 KW 26,2  KW Body Stainless steel or painted Stainless steel or painted
Cooling Capacity 16 KW 29,4 KW Working gas R404 A/2,9kg R404 A/2,5kg
Nominal power intensity 10 A 18A Max gas pressure 2,8 Mpa 2,8 Mpa
Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz Min gas pressure 0,08 Mpa 0,08 Mpa
Temperature of output water 55º 55º Water pressure drop 0,01 – 0,02 Mpa 0,01 – 0,02 Mpa
Weight 142 kg 310 kg IP protection x4 x4


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