Universal, thanks to its construction. Accepts dies for: Cu and Al connecting gear, threaded connectors, FID sleeves and for forming sectorMANUAL MECHANICAL CRIMPER - FP-185

cables. The die head turns 360 degrees, permitting easy handling in any position. The telescoping handle extend from 600 to 860 mm. Practical for work in trenches, cabinets, on poles and everywhere that is difficult to approach.

  • Length: 590mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Code number: 1801850






Code number Name of set Weight kg
1801859 Carrying case for crimper FP-185 and dies 4.90
1801851 Set FP-185 K1 (crimper FP-185 with dies for Al, Cu, threaded connectors andcarrying case 9.65
1801852 Set FP-185 K2 (crimper FP-185 with dies for Al, Cu and carrying case 8.85
1801853 Dies for crimper FP-185 Cu set (10-185 mm²) 0.80
1801854 Dies for crimper FP-185 Al set (16-185 mm²) 0.65
1801855 Dies for crimper FP-185 threaded connectors set (25-95 mm²) 0.80
1801856 Dies for crimper FP-185 for forming sector cable set 1.85

The carrying case is for packing the crimper with the set of dies and is made of sheet steel with divisions to hold the dies and the crimper. Has a carrying handle. The dimensions of the case are 60 x 610 x 300 mm

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