For a brighter future with Serbian lamps made to European standards.


Used to illuminate streets, parks, squares, factory grounds and all other places where lighting is needed. Consists of : housing of die casted aluminium under pressure, protector made of tempered glass, aluminium mirror with high brightness, replaceable plates for pre- connection device, silicone seal, horizontal-vertical lamp support ø48mm.

12-1 12-2



  • Protection degree of complete light IP 66
  • Protector from mechanically reinforced tempered glass, resistant to impact, excluded possibility of protector weakness and color change after a few years
  • Housing made of die casted aluminum under pressure which makes this lamp light and firm
  • The lamp is painted with electro-static paints in RAL 7035
  • Outstanding features and variable photometric properties
  • Mechanical reliability
  • Excluded possibility of unpleasant blinding of the vehicle driver, driving on the street equipped with Euro Kristal light
  • Aero-dynamic shape of Euro Kristal lights absorbs the wind blows.
Code number Lamp Type Power W Weight kg/kom
3900279 EURO KRISTAL 3 Sodium 250 12.5
3900280 EURO KRISTAL 3 Sodium 400 13.5
3900282 EURO KRISTAL 3 Mercury 250 12
3900283 EURO KRISTAL 3 Mercury 400 13
3900289 EURO KRISTAL 3 Metal-halogen 250 12.5
3900286 EURO KRISTAL 3 Metal-halogen 400 13.5


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