REFLECTOR for lighting billboards, facades


The way the housing is made,(pressure cast aluminum) and the surface protection done by plastification makes this reflector resistant to atmospheric conditions, permitting its use both indoors and outside..
By using anodized, finely polished aluminum, for the reflector surface, a better distribution of the light flux is obtained.
The light beam is wide and uniform, so that the energy spent is used to the maximum. Adjustable to all positions as desired.
With its compact and elegant appearance, it easily adapts to all structures, to both modern and traditional architecture.
All these characteristics make this reflector appropriate for a wide spectrum of applications, for both exterior and interior installation, but it is most often used for lighting entrances, displays, hallways, facades, monuments, parks, etc.

Technical data:REFLECTOR for lighting billboards, facades

-Protection degree: IP 65

-Nominal voltage: 220~240V, 50Hz

-Installed power: 150W, 400W

-Base: RX7s

REFLECTOR for lighting billboards, facades



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