Reflector can be installed either on a wall or a pole. The reflection surface, (rotationally msymmetric) is    made    of   quality    polished aluminum, making very shiny. The light beam is wide and equally distributed, so that the energy expenditure is used to the maximum. Adjustable   to    all   positions   as desired. The insulation degree of the lamp is IP54. The reflector is connected to a voltage network of 230V/400V. The recommended diameter of copper cable is 3×2,5 mm2.

Accompanying gear:HALOGEN REFLECTOR 2000W

  • Metal-halogen bulb 2000W
  • Condenser 60µF ,400V


All these characteristics make this reflector suitable for a wide spectrum of usage, for both exterior and interior installation, but most often used for illuminating entrances and approaches to factory grounds, sports fields, stadiums, work-shops, displays, hallways, facades, etc.


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